ALL Pakistan Muslim League

All Pakistan Muslim League is a political party founded by Former President General (rtd.) Pervez Musharraf with a launching ceremony held in London, United kingdom on Friday Oct 1, 2010.

While as President, Pervez Musharraf was a reliable U.S. partner in fighting terrorism. He promoted enlightened moderation, empowered women, catalyzed economic growth and entrepreneurship, unlocked freedom of expression, made strides to foster permanent peace with India, tried to build consensus in the middle-east and restored democracy and civilian rule by holding free and fair elections in 2008. Arab News Editorial in August, 2008, describing him wrote “despite his mistakes, he has been that rare phenomenon in Pakistani politics-An honest man with good intentions who tried to serve his country to the best of his abilities.

In a country that has suffered so much over the years from corrupt and self-serving politicians, there have been too few figures like him.” Dr Muhammad Amjad is a business entrepreneur, a well-known social worker, former Federal Minister and a prominent politician recognized both at National & International level. he is currently serving as President of All Pakistan Muslim League. He is steering Party activities from the Central Secretariat located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Now in 2017, where there exist APML’s patriotic supporters in all provinces of Pakistan, it has chapters in United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Australia, Italy and Canada.

In order to enter into the political arena for the next general elections of Pakistan, party is gearing up to establish its alliances with other political parties with an objective to emerge out as 3rd contestant Party in elections 2018.

Chairman Message

I have decided to appear in politics with full force. I am not seeing a spark in the available politician leadership lot that could enlighten prevailing darkness in Pakistan. I think, I can give light to this darkness. The nine years of governance that I did during 1999 – 2008 is a proof of my capabilities and achievements that have made me confident enough to further lead Pakistan. Time has come to create one solid block under one umbrella of all patriotic Pakistanis to unite for the goal – PAKISTAN FIRST. We shall follow the teachings and example set by Quaid e Azam who united all Muslims under one umbrella. I request all Pakistanis to unite once again under one flag to save Pakistan.

— Syed Pervez Musharraf Chairman, All Pakistan Muslim League

Official News

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9/25/2018 4:55:44 PM

آل پاکستان مسلم لیگ مرکزی شعبہ ءاطلاعات مورخہ 09-25-2018 پریس ریلیز

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9/24/2018 5:29:57 PM

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9/11/2018 4:51:01 PM

اظہار تعزیت

آل پاکستان مسلم لیگ کے سرپرست اعلی سید پرویز مشرف، چیئرمین ڈاکٹر محمد امجد، سیکرٹری جنرل مہرین ملک آدم اور دیگر پارٹی راہنمائوں نے بیگم کلثوم نواز کی وفات پر گہرے افسوس کا اظہار کیا ہے۔ اے پی ایم ایل کے راہنمائوں نے مرحومہ کے درجات میں بلندی اور پسماندگان کے لئے صبر جمیل کی دعا کی۔ انہوں نے مرحومہ کے اہل خانہ سے تعزیت کا اظہار بھی کیا۔ 

جاری کردی:
شہزاد ستی
جوائنٹ سیکرٹری اطلاعات


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7/28/2018 3:10:35 PM

عمران خان بھارت کے وزیراعظم مودی کو پیغام دیں کے وہ بغل میں چھری نہ رکھیں، اور اگر وہ چھری رکھیں گے تو ہم چھرا رکھیں گے پرویز مشرّف

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7/25/2018 5:13:44 PM

Postion of APML is strong in NA 01 Chitral @P_Musharraf @dramjadapml #APML #Musharraf #Chitral #Pakistan #NA1


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9/27/2017 5:22:03 PM

وفاقی وزیر خزانہ اسحاق ڈار پر احتساب عدالت کی طرف سے فرد جرم عائد ہونے پرآل پاکستان مسلم لیگ کے سیکرٹری جنرل ڈاکٹر محمد امجد کا رد عمل

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9/27/2017 2:21:05 PM

نواز شریف کا نام فوری طور پر ای سی ایل میں ڈالا جائے۔

Our LeaderShip


Syed Pervez Musharaf


Dr. Mohammad Amjad

Chief Organizer

S.Faqeer Hussain Bukhari

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Nepotism and corruption have been the greatest ills afflicting our society and retarding performance. We will take all measures to root out corruption especially in government circles and among the rich and powerful. Our guiding principle in governance shall be merit and merit alone. There will be no nepotism or favoritism in any promotion or appointment. It is essential to raise the morale of the nation, restore lost self-confidence, faith and pride. This can only be done by giving the nation hope for the bright future. We need to work with the media to spread optimism in the people. Together with “Pakistan First” we need to adopt another slogan: “Jaag Pakistani Jaag”. Our concept of good governance shall be “to ensure security, progress and development of the state and welfare/wellbeing of its people”.

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